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Risk Management

Risk Management

At Fortress Capital, our investment framework is meticulously designed to deliver healthy returns while managing and mitigating risks effectively. We prioritize original thinking, thorough due diligence, and firsthand research.

Rest assured; we prioritize the security of your assets by entrusting them to licensed bank custodians. Monthly client statements are independently generated by these custodians, further ensuring the safety and transparency of your investments.

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What does the risk management framework entail?
The risk management framework involves the continuous identification, assessment, and monitoring of the Company's risks. This includes managing and monitoring risks assumed on behalf of clients, along with implementing mitigation actions to address such risks.
How does the company identify and assess potential risks?
The company employs a systematic approach, including regular risk assessments, industry analysis, and ongoing monitoring to identify and assess potential risks comprehensively.
What steps are taken to mitigate risks on behalf of clients?
Mitigating risks for clients is a priority. The company implements tailored risk management strategies, including diversification, thorough due diligence, and proactive measures to safeguard clients' interests.
How often is the risk management framework reviewed and updated?
The risk management framework undergoes regular reviews to ensure its relevance and effectiveness. Updates are made as needed to adapt to evolving market conditions, regulatory changes, and emerging risks.