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Welcome to Fortress Capital Asset Management (M) Sdn Bhd [Reg No: 200201031372 (599035-W)] an independent investment management firm, meticulously founded by seasoned professionals in 2002.

We proudly hold a license under the Capital Market & Services Act 2007 and operate under the vigilant regulation of the Securities Commission of Malaysia.

since 1980

About Industrium coWe work for you since 1980

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Communication to Industry on Unlicensed Activities and Scams

We have witnessed an increased trend of unlicensed activities and scams. This includes Clone firm scams that uses names, logos, credentials, websites and other details of a legitimate capital market intermediary to promote bogus and non-existent investment schemes via social media channels such as Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp etc. promising extraordinarily high returns with little to no risks.

As an intervention, SC periodically places entities / individuals on the SC Investor Alert List, and take other relevant actions, where necessary. Distinct descriptions are also mentioned for Clone firm scams to help the public to distinguish between the clone and the legitimate entity.

Furtherance to its continuous effort, SC wishes to provide a monthly update to the industry with the following:-

  • Update and share information on unlicensed activity and scams (that directly involve/concerns intermediaries) that has already been included on the Alert List; and
  • posting of SC’s anti-scam awareness initiatives/messages through the same channel.
Beware of fake websites!

Please be alert of a fake website below that misuses our employees’ backgrounds and details to deceive the public. The website mentioned a company known as Inorbit Investment Management.

The public is encouraged to be more vigilant and always check the validity of a company that offers investment management services and advice on the SC’s website here.